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Maranez is a Hong Kong based company that brings a new twist and their own creative design to each of their selections. As a family owned company, the husband had a true desire and need to create reliable and affordable watches that stemmed from the classic Italian Dive style he loved so much. And as testament to their family, they even named the company after the wife's mother's maiden name. With heavy inspiration drawn from vintage and classic Italian Dive watches, the Maranez brand is rich in personalized history that is then emulated onto each piece in their collection creating a wonderfully diverse and unique set of timepieces.

Maranez Rawai named for Casuarina-lined Rawai Beach has its charms but is not as high up on tourists' must-do lists as Phuket's fabulous west coast beaches. 
Maranez Racha, is named for The Racha Islands are best known as excellent diving and snorkelling destinations in Thailand. Located some 12 km south of Phuket, Racha Noi is uninhabited, but there's some great diving in the area. Racha
Maranez Bangla was named for Bangla Road. Bangla Road really comes to life once the sun sets. The road is closed to vehicle traffic and becomes a 400 metre festival of neon lights, loud music and cheap beer. Jammed most nights of the year, it is quite a friendly and lively place to walk around as bars and clubs compete with each other for customers. If you’re looking for a fun night out in Phuket, Bangla Road should be your first (and, often, only) stop.


Whether you choose stainless steel, brass or even titanium, Maranez watches are sure to be a conversation starter and definitely make it into your everyday watch rotation. 

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